Multi Fuel and Wood Burning Stoves’ Benefits in Lancing

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At MC Installations, we have been fitting and installing multi fuel stoves and wood burning stoves since we first started the company several years ago. In our role as one of the leading installers of fireplaces and stoves in the Lancing area, we advise the customer on the many advantages of our products


The benefits of multi fuel stoves and wood burning stoves can revolutionise the way you look at heating your home…


Choice of Fuel


Multi fuel stoves from MC Installations have the capacity to burn a variety of fuels to suit your personal needs or preferences. From seasoned logs with a distinctive aroma to smokeless and eco-friendly solid fuels, there are many options available for homeowners in Lancing that free you from traditional power companies.




Solid fuels burn at a very high temperature for a long time and will often heat all rooms that are surrounding the area stoves are fitted in. Fuels are constantly being looked at by experts in terms of development to make them more eco-friendly. Wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves make a genuine difference to the environment.


Avoids Power Cuts


If an incident such as a power cut arises, stoves provide a source of heating in your Lancing property. This is a particularly important benefit for the elderly and for families who have young children in the home.




Chimneys can have extraction fans fitted as part of the installation of stoves and fireplaces. They constantly pull fresh air through the house and remove any polluted air. This is a very important benefit for clients in Lancing with smaller room spaces.


Rural Areas


Some people living in more remote or rural areas outside of Lancing may have no access to a gas mains. Wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves will warm their homes naturally and there will be no time-consuming trips for replacement gas canisters to worry about.




Stoves can substantially reduce condensation as well as the worrying dampness and mould that can occur as a result of such conditions. Unlike central heating, there is no on/off thermostat system to cause sudden temperature changes. Latent heat is always present after burning so temperatures stay more consistent for longer to reduce condensation.


Energy Costs


Solid fuel is a far simpler and greener way to heat your home. The running cost is lower, there are no rake in charges to consider and logs can be purchased through companies that derive their stock from tree surgery or landscaping projects.


Warm and Cosy Ambience


The feel of warm stoves in winter is unbeatable, and clients in Lancing also have the option to choose from stylish surrounds for fireplaces that add even more ambience to their room space. We undertake all surround installations for fireplaces after the fitting of multi fuel stoves and wood burning stoves with care and professionalism.


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