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The M.C. Installations team has long been known as the go-to for the supply of fireplaces, wood burning stoves and multi burning stoves in the Lancing area. We have an expansive range of quality products, sourced from leading manufacturers. Handling every aspect of a project in-house, we ensure that from first consultation, through to the finishing touches with plastering and aesthetics, you’ll receive a service that meets a consistent standard of excellence.


Still unsure whether fireplaces, wood burning stoves or multi fuel stoves are write for your particular Lancing property, and your particular needs? Below, we’ve run over some of the most attractive benefits associated with these fantastic products, so you can see why they prove so popular and make a more informed final decision. For tailored advice, don’t hesitate to call us on 01903 230 242.


Fuel Choice


Opting for multi fuel stoves opens up a realm of options; choose from the kind of seasoned logs popular amongst owners of fireplaces and wood burning stoves in Lancing, or choose eco-friendly solid fuels should the log pile be running low! Our products make it so you aren’t 100% reliant on power companies, and their often extortionate rates.




Both multi fuel stoves and wood burning stoves, alongside our fireplaces, are highly effective when it comes to heating a room – small or large. Modern day manufacturers place a huge emphasis on efficiency, ensuring that you can keep your Lancing property warm and cosy without the drawback of excess carbon emissions.


Self Sufficiency


An added bonus of the aforementioned point around choice, is that should the power go out for the neighbourhood, you still have heat and to a lesser extend, a light source. Many Lancing property owners who value self-sufficiency find their multi fuel stoves, wood burning stoves and fireplaces give them peace of mind, knowing that should the power go out they’re still “cooking with gas”.


Mould & Damp


While mould and damp can feel like “just one of those niggling issues” which are a constant annoyance, they can actually become quite harmful and lead to respiratory issues (or antagonising existing ones). Fireplaces and stoves can help reduce condensation and thus the mould and damp this leads to. Heat keeps circulating in your home, avoiding the spike in temperatures that switching a thermostat on and off causes.


Energy Bills


Who doesn’t want to save money on utilities? Energy is pretty expensive, so why not stop relying on your central heating and use fireplaces and stoves? Most Lancing property owners can lock down real, substantial savings if you take the time to find a fair and reliable source of fuel. We recommend speaking with horticultural firms like tree surgeons and landscapers, or speak with landowners with large copses of trees.


The Ambience


One of the most commonly cited reasons for investing in stoves and fireplaces is the iconic ambience they give off, from the glowing embers to the faint aromas, and the beauty of the dancing flames themselves. They’re a timeless way to create a real atmosphere of warmth and cosiness.

To learn more about the fireplaces, wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves that M.C. Installations fits in Lancing and wider Sussex, pick up the phone and call 01903 230 242.

















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