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There are many misconceptions floating around about fireplaces and stoves, and on this page we thought we’d dispel a few! If you’re looking to order fireplaces or stoves in or around the Lewes area, give us a call on 01903 230 242.


Fact File – Fireplaces and Stoves


Greener Than You’d Think – Wood burning stoves are much greener than you’d might think. When you burn wood, it releases the carbon it absorbed during its lifetime. This makes it carbon neutral, and a much greener alternative to burning fossil fuels. In fact, many modern day wood burning stoves that we sell to Lewes homeowners boast clear burn technologies which keep down particulate emissions.


Cleaning Up – Many prospective customers around Lewes express concerns over cleaning wood burning stoves and fireplaces. While many years ago, wood burning stoves would have to be cleaned every day, nowadays clearing the ash out once a week usually suffices – depending on how much you use it. It’s far quicker and simpler than you might think.


Keeping Costs Down – Did you know that fireplaces and stoves can help reduce your heating bill? Savvy homeowners around Lewes have managed to get their bill down by 20-40%! This is because fireplaces and stoves allow you to turn off your central thermostat, which heat up rooms you’re not currently using.


Always in Control – A lot of modern fireplaces and stoves can be controlled via a thermostat. This gives you full control over how much heat you want. While it used to be that only gas stoves could be controlled by a thermostat, nowadays many wood burning stoves and multi fuel burning stoves can be, too.


Versatile – Multi fuel burning stoves aren’t just for those who want to burn hybrid fuel compositions. We often recommend Lewes customers multi fuel burning stoves if they do not have a reliable, regular source of wood, despite it being their go-to fuel. This gives them the option to burn coal in the event of running out of wood.


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