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A big part of what separates M.C. Installations from high street suppliers and installers of fireplaces and stoves, is our dedication to providing tailored advice and assistance to individual Lewes clients, from first point of contact till after the job is over and done with. We’re always answering questions, like on the differences between multi fuel stoves and wood burning stoves, and ensuring people make the perfect product choice.


That’s why, on this page, we’ve looked to address a number of common misconceptions concerning fireplaces and stoves – so you don’t get misled by false information cycled online and in person. More interested in discussing our products or services? Feel free to skip ahead by calling us directly on 01903 230 242.


Dispelling Misconceptions Around Fireplaces & Stoves


The Ecological Angle – One of the primary concerns we hear from our Lewes customers is that fireplaces and stoves are environmentally harmful. But while this might be the case for multi fuel stoves used to burn coal, or gas fireplaces, wood burning stoves and log fireplaces are much greener than you think. Burning wood merely releases the carbon that it’s absorbed over the course of its lifespan, meaning its carbon neutral; as long as the woodland from which it is harvested is replanted and replenished, and not over-harvested, then the environmental side of things is no problem at all. In fact, manufacturers have now even made so called “clear burn” fireplaces and wood burning stoves that chip in by reducing particulate emissions.


Maintenance – Another common concern we’ve heard from Lewes customers is that keeping fireplaces, wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves will be time consuming and an all-round pain in the neck. But the products of today are very different from those of yesteryear, and we’d say the average product only needs cleaning out once a week. What’s more, the job’s a quick and simple one! So definitely don’t let this side of things put you off.


Expense – What about how much it costs to keep fireplaces and stoves in operation? Well, in many cases they can actually reduce your heating bill. Many past clients from Lewes have managed to squeeze savings as high as 40%. You’ll simply be reaching for your thermostat less, due to the ample warmth provided by fireplaces and stoves. Find a reliable and affordable provider of fuel, and you’re set to save!


Control – “But surely fireplaces and stoves are simply on/off! How do you control the heat?” Well, many modern fireplaces and multi fuel stoves are controlled, as with your main heating system, via thermostat. This gives you full control over how toasty things get! With certain wood burning stoves that don’t feature thermostats, you still have control – but have to be careful to not place too much or too little fuel on the fire at one time.


Versatility – If the one thing holding you back from investing in wood fireplaces or wood burning stoves is a reliable source of fuel, consider multi fuel burning stoves. Lewes clients who want pure versatility, and to be able to burn coal or gas in case the wood pile runs low, can do exactly that.

If you’re in the Lewes area and interested in adding stunning fireplaces, wood burning stoves or multi fuel stoves to your property, call our friendly team on 01903 230 242.

















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