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Looking for Fireplaces and Stoves in Storrington?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place! West Sussex-based MC Installations supply and install all manner of fireplaces and stoves in Storrington. We are a family business with years of combined experience and an outstanding reputation in the area.


Wood Burning Stoves vs. Multi Fuel Stoves


Multi-fuel stoves can burn wood, smokeless fuel and coal. Wood burning stoves run only wood logs, chips or pellets. While still energy efficient, the use of multi fuel stoves can come at a greater cost to the environment as coal isn’t carbon neutral like wood.


If you want to burn mostly wood and burn coal occasionally, then a multi fuel stove would be a good option. Yet according to The Stove Industry Alliance, 77% of people that own multi fuel stoves only burn wood. With this in mind, we feel it wise to advise our Storrington clients that if you only want to burn wood, wood burning stoves are preferable because they are considerably cheaper. This is especially true if you have a ready supply of wood to burn. Multi fuel stoves give you extra convenience, but at extra cost.


I Want a Wood Burning Stove – What Are the Factors to Consider?


Your basic choices are between a log burner or wood-pellet stove. A log burner is arguably more eco-friendly. This is because logs are completely natural and there’s a lot less manufacturing involved. Pellet stoves are also generally much more expensive than log burners.


However, pellets are generally more dense and drier than wood logs. This makes them more efficient. Yet as Storrington is such a lovely, historical place, a log burner would arguably be the more authentic choice.


Fireplaces – How to Choose


We have many different types of fireplaces for our Storrington clients to choose from. From gas fires, to open log fires, to coal fires, everybody will have their preference. The first decision most people make relates to style and this is a good place to start.


From traditional to contemporary designs, the style choices are almost endless. If you have a large Edwardian property in Storrington and you want an authentic feel, a gas bar fire probably won’t suit.Other considerations include the environment. For example, log fires are carbon neutral, whereas coal fires are not; gas fires even less so.


If you live in Storrington and require more information on our fireplaces or stoves, call MC Installations now!

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