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In this day and age, a big concern surrounding fireplaces and stoves is how energy efficient they are; both our team and clients are more aware of the likelihood of environmental catastrophe than ever before, and want to be able to invest in something that won’t contribute to that eventuality. Luckily, as the Worthing area’s favoured suppliers, we have an expansive range of fireplaces, wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves made by eco-conscious manufacturers.


If your main goal is to minimise your carbon footprint, we’d first recommend wood burning stoves and fireplaces. Wood is a carbon neutral, renewable source of fuel that simply releases that which it absorbed during its lifetime when burned. We recommend green-minded clients search the Worthing area for a plantation or woodland with a replanting programme that has a ready stock of firewood available for sale. It might also be worth speaking with horticultural/landscaping companies, explaining you’re in need of fuel for fireplaces, multi fuel stoves or wood burning stoves.


Choose How You Heat Your Home


You even have some choice when purchasing logs as fuel: seasoned logs have less moisture content which make them more friendly for use in fireplaces and stoves (they’re less likely to dirty up the flue, which means less smoke release), and while softwood is certainly useable, hardwood is preferable due to being far more efficient. But while seasoned hardwood is certainly the most attractive fuel you’ll find, it might not be possible (or financially tenable) to keep a constantly topped up source of it; so it’s simply something to keep in mind.


Did you know that replacing gas fires with wood burning stoves or fireplaces can reduce a property’s carbon footprint by over a third? While dependent on the model you choose (M.C. Installations is always happy to assist Worthing clients in finding the right product), it goes to show that having a warm and cosy fire/stove within your property is still compatible with being environmentally-conscious. They’re also a huge improvement over electric fires, which are linked to notoriously high levels of carbon production.


But it’s not just reduced emissions that make the wood burning stoves, multi fuel stoves and fireplaces we supply and install in Worthing properties an attractive choice; they can also significantly reduce your heating bill, with dry logs one of the cheapest forms of energy out there. Have your own supply of wood and logs? Then the savings really start adding up! What’s more, while turning off the central heating quickly leads to a drop in temperature due to the dissipation of the heat in the air, as logs die down and embers burn, you’re still getting a nice warm flow of air.


Convinced that our multi fuel stoves, or wood burning stoves and fireplaces can help improve your property? Call Worthing’s M.C. Installations at your earliest convenience. We have a huge range of quality products from leading manufacturers, who recognise us as an approved installer and thus extend their manufacturers’ warranties to our clients!

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