What are the Advantages of Wood Burning Stoves in Worthing?

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At MC Installations, our company tries to reduce its own carbon footprint by only recommending the best products in our marketplace. We cannot speak highly enough about the benefits multi fuel stoves and wood burning stoves can offer. We have already fitted a significant number of stoves to properties in the Worthing area.


Wood is a renewable resource, especially when it is derived from plantations and woodland with replanting programmes or through suppliers who produce stock from tree surgery or landscaping waste. We can make suitable recommendations on fuels whenever you choose us as your preferred installer of fireplaces and stoves.


Logs that have been seasoned for 2 years or more have a moisture content of less than 20%, which means you’re less likely to get a build-up of deposits in your wood burning stove’s flue. A clean flue helps to reduce the release of smoke into your Worthing home. Hardwoods are a superior choice for wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves because they have twice the efficiency of softwoods.


Statistics show that that replacing traditional gas fires with wood burning stoves will reduce the carbon footprint of a home by 22%. This can rise up to 36% with certain models. Also, the reduction of carbon by replacing open fires with stoves can be as high as 14%. An electric fire lets out the most carbon. Over 200kg annually can be saved by switching from electric fires to wood burning stoves or multi fuel stoves.


Dry logs from a local Worthing source are one of the cheapest forms of energy; they massively reduce your central heating output and can save you money on heating costs. If you can cultivate your own wood and logs, you’ll save even more. The added benefit of a stove is that once the flames have died down, the warmth still emits for a long while afterwards!


Speak to MC Installations today and discover how new stoves and fireplaces can transform your Worthing home. We have a fine range of branded products to suit all tastes and we will only be too happy to run through these with you.


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